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Turning something to write with…

First Fountain Pens

fountain-pens.jpgHere are my first two fountain pens from “Classic” kits from PennState. Top is Rosewood and turned beautifully. It’s got great whirls and figuring in the cap that didn’t quite make it to the photograph.

Middle is White and Black Ebony with very little white grain, but good figuring and a shiny finish. Shellwax on top of three coats of low lustre PPP polish from HUT made this one sing.

The bottom pen is from two IPE Ironwood blanks sent as a bonus from my latest purchase of blanks. They were pre-drilled and cut for 7mm Slimline tubes, so I made a gunmetal Slimline kit. I think it’s one of the prettiest slimline pens that I’ve ever made.

I still need practice getting the tubes just right for the fountain pen caps, as I tend t bring them close to the bushing and they end up just slight on the end. Not yet perfect with those kits.



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  1. Beautiful pens! Excellent craftmanship.

    Comment by Christina | November 17, 2008

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