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4 New Cigar Pens

4 Cigar PensI’ve done about 25 pens so far, a mix of Slimline, Slimline Pro, Polaris, and Comfort for the most part, but my Classic and Cigar pens have been favorites at the office. I’m finally getting my shapes well defined, and my assembly gets better with each pen.

 The 4 Cigar pens listed represent my first 4 attempts. From the top down in order of completion:

Chrome Cigar Pen with unknown wood – started out with a wood blank from a Woodcraft grab bag that looked almost orange. Turning was a breeze and the fit of the kit was great. This is my only PennState kit directly, as the rest come from resellers. Great heft to the pen, and the figuring and grain looks cool open or closed.

Black Titanium on Zebrawood – again from a Woodcraft grab bag. I really like the grain lines of this wood, and it turns great. Tougher to drill well, though. Polish is a PPP low lustre finished with Liquid wax finish.

My only 24kt Gold on Rosewood has been blogged about on this site. I made a rookie mistake and crimped the tip in the pen press during assembly. Now I remove unscrew the tip during assembly.

Latest pen is Maple with great figures on a Chrome pen kit. I’ve gotten such great reaction from this pen that I don’t think I can give it up. Really a great look and the wood comes alive with 6 coats of low then high lustre PPP.

I usually put genuine Parker refills in these pens prior to finish because the kit ink-refil just doesn’t have the smooth flow of the real Parker ink. I recommend that extra expense if you are selling or gifting these pens, too. It’s a bummer to ruin a great looking pen with a lousy writing experience.


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  1. Very nice pens. I’ve only turned the slimline style but I think I’ll give these a try next time.

    Comment by Christina | December 2, 2008

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